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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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jim: first at 11:00, breaking news out of marion county, a deputy is wounded in a shootout with a man holding several weapons. good evening, i' m jim payne. meredith: i' m meredith mcdonough. this happened at the marathon-kangaroo gas station on baseline and cherry roads. this is still a very active scene. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is there live with the latest on what happened. matt? matt: this is where it all started, right behind me at this gas station. this photojournalist will give us a closer look. it is still an activist scene. this intersection is closed right now. deputies received a 911 call about a man in this parking lot holding multiple guns. when deputies responded, they saw him holding two handguns. he raised one of the guns into his head. deputies have been repeatedly trying to get him to put his guns down. at some point he turned a gun on them. then he opened fire, toward them. deputies returned fire.
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when deputy was also injured. they were both rushed to a hospital. sergeant trammell received a possible gunshot wound to the leg. the man who was shot has not been identified, and his condition is not known to us. investigation has been handed off to the florida department of law enforcement. state rep 45 and 20 straight -- state route 35 and 20th street remain closed. meredith: bullets fly inside a tax service center in brevard county, and police are still trying to figure out what caused the chaos. jim: tonight, we' re talking to cousin of one of the men caught in the crossfire. wesh 2' s chris hush has the latest on what happened. chris: investigators are still at the scene more than nine hours after the shooting was ripped or did. -- reported. they are looking at damage. the good news, they are not looking for a shooter.
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gunshots wound here. chris: chaos in cocoa. two people shot. a third person wounded by debris as bullets tore through walls. >> you got a call dave. james anestor: why would you come in here and shoot my cousin? i had the gun holding down like this. chris: james anestor says his cousin, who runs this tax services office off clear lake road, was shot multiple times. anestor, who was sitting outside the business at the time, says he wrestled with the shooter after hearing up to six gunshots. james anestor: i wrestled the gun out that guy' s hand, and my cousin -- because my cousin was trying to hold. he already got grazed here. so he' s already bleeding all over the place. it ain' t have no clip in it. i would have let lose on his -- too, because he shot my cousin. a cool guy, you know. chris: the brevard county sheriff' s office says another person was found shot in the leg a block away in this blue car. it' s the same car anestor says the shooter got into and drove off in. but at this point, investigators aren' t confirming who the
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two patients were airlifted to hospitals as trauma alerts. we asked deputies what the it' s unclear. re not seeking any suspects at this time. tameshia pratt: we all know that anything can happen at anytime. chris: investigators are talking to all parties involved and are trying to determine who started the altercation. the third person hit by debris is expected to be ok. that present only received minor injuries. we are expecting new information in the coming hours or coming days. chris hush, wesh 2 news. jim: governor rick scott declares a health emergency in four florida counties because of the zika virus. santa rosa, hillsborough, lee, and miami-dade counties are affected. this week, nine cases of zika have been diagnosed in florida. none of the cases involve pregnant women, and we' re told all of them are travel-related. health officials are still stressing that the virus is primarily spread through mosquito bites.
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declaration will free up resources to the health officials in the counties and help them combat the virus and spray for mosquitoes. meredith: charges have now been dropped against an orange county man accused of starting a fire that killed his stepson. luis cruz was arrested back in september. at the time, investigators thought he intentionally started a fire inside a mobile home at the lake john motel in oakland that left one child seriously hurt and another dead. he was charged with arson and attempted murder, but now the state attorney' s office says there' s not enough evidence to move forward. a teen is dead and another man is injured after a shooting at an orlando apartment complex. police say 19-year-old jacob almond was shot and killed last night at the serrano apartments near conroy and kirkman roads. according to police, the two victims were sitting in a parked car when they were shot. that' s when witnesses say the shooters got into a car and then drove off. >> it just seemed like boom boom, and then boom boom boom boom. it was like shots.
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meredith: orlando police say this shooting is not random, and they would like any witnesses to call crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. jim: a man is killed during a hang gliding training session in marion county. the sheriff' s office is investigating the crash which killed 40-year-old tomas banevicius around 6:00 p.m. tuesday. it happened at the marion county airport in dunnellon where u.s. hang gliding inc. gives lessons. the sheriff' s office says this was the man' s third flight of the day. they feel at this point it was an accident, but the investigation is on-going. a pair of suspected thieves are in jail tonight after a months-long investigation at walt disney world. minoska guillen and jake blair were arrested as orange county detectives were canvassing disney' s saratoga springs resort late january. deputies say they believe the two may be responsible for more than 20 burglaries in the area, but so far they' ve only been charged in two. investigators think the two got through unlocked sliding doors at the resort. some tourists say they already have a way to thwart thieves.
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s working with housekeeping to double-check doors that tourists may leave unlocked. meredith: right now, winter park police are trying to figure out if a rash of car dealership burglaries are connected. the crimes have all happened on used car lots, the most recent occurred overnight at world transport on clay street. three high-end cars were stolen, plus the keys to the rest of the cars on the lot. the crooks got in through a window, where the air conditioning unit was placed. the thieves took two bmw' s and a mercedes suv. >> the worst part is, the car was taken. and that bmw, the customer is coming from nashville, tennessee to pick it up at 3:00 today. i called him saying the car is stolen. meredith: a couple hours after that burglary, another dealership, vip auto in orange county, was also targeted. both -- police are working to find out if the crimes are connected. right now, crews are patching up a possible sinkhole in orlando. this was the scene earlier today
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re told the piece of road collapsed under a truck, causing the wheel to get stuck. no one was hurt. jim: seminole county' s so-called junk man winds up behind bars again. 61-year-old alan davis now faces felony littering and misdemeanor nuisance charges. this is all tied to violations on his property in altamonte springs from last year. take a look at this video from september. 70,000 pounds of trash was cleared from davis' home after crews were here for nine hours. after the clean-up, the case went to the state attorney' s office and a warrant was issued. davis was arrested today during a traffic stop. caught on camera, two women are walmart, but they' re able to get away. night at the store on south kirkman road. shoving merchandise into their purses. workers closed several exits to corner the women, but when they were confronted, one pulled out a knife, jabbed the knife toward workers, and both women ran away. meredith: now to a wesh 2
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multiple restaurants in greater orlando and daytona beach may have had their credit card information compromised or even stolen. landry' s inc. announced that criminal hackers breached private information of credit card customers during two at-risk windows of time in 2014 and 2015. at the oceanair seafood room at pointe orlando, that period is march to november of last year. customers say they' re concerned. landry' s says it is in the process of notifying customers by letter and email. you can find a complete list of affected restaurants at employees at two sprint stores in seminole county spent the day cleaning up after crooks targeted their locations. right now, you' re looking at the crime scene on 17-92 in longwood. the thieves used a brick to shatter the glass then swiped a couple of iphones. a store employee says surveillance video shows six or seven people taking part. now to the mess left behind at the store in oviedo on red bug lake road. the thieves broke in through a side window. investigators say they stole
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jim: new information tonight on s plans to ucf' mayor buddy dyer says part of the donation would include 15 acres of land by deeding over street, where ucf already teaches digital media. it would also include $2 million worth of parking garage space for about 7500 students, who will attend the creative village campus. ucf will share with valencia college. until now, the development has been slow-going. reporter: was it stalled until the ucf component was added? buddy dyer: i don' t know that it was stalled, but it' s like everything else, it didn' t go as fast during the recession as we had hoped it would. jim: the orlando city council will vote on the plan monday. if approved, ucf still needs $20 million in state funding from lawmakers before it can begin building. meredith: if you live in downtown orlando and need a new way to get around, you' re in luck. zipcar will now be renting out cars in the orlando and winter park areas. there are now six locations in orlando, four at disney springs, and two in winter park.
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s how it works. you can use a credit card to rent a car for as little as one hour. a one-hour rental is $9. a whole-day locally is $69. nasa is showing off the space capsule it says will one day take astronauts to the red planet. the orion pressure vessel was unveiled at kennedy space center this morning. during exploration mission 1, the unmanned orion will travel just beyond the moon and back in three weeks. that is expected to happen in 2018. the ultimate goal is for orion to take astronauts to mars in the 2030' s. still ahead, an emergency landing for a small airplane in brevard county. jim: plus, batman and robber. a man dressed as the super hero robs a local dollar store, and police say he may have struck a similar store that same night. meredith: also, fighting flames. new video of a firefighter in action as he arrives to the scene of a raging fire. tony? tony: right now, the cold front is on the move. it will be coming in during the
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a man in the parking lot of the marathon-kangaroo gas station on southeast 20th street at baseline road outside ocala around 9:00 tonight. deputies say the man aimed a weapon at them, and they opened fire. sergeant daniel trammell suffered a possible gunshot wound to the leg. he and the suspect went to the hospital. jim: now to video of an armed robbery in orlando that was caught on camera involving a man dressed as a super hero. meredith: new tonight, wesh 2' s summer knowles has new information on the bogus batman and his string of crime. summer: it' s 8:00 tuesday night when this man, decked out in batman gear, walks into the 123 dollar store on north semoran boulevard. moments later, surveillance video shows him with a gun behind the checkout counter, demanding money from the clerk. at one point, he' s actually seen setting the gun down on the floor beside him before picking it back up, taking the cash, and then casually walking out of the store. >> it' s sad. right now, i' m just gonna pray for that guy. summer: he owner of the
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happens to be a huge superman and batman fan, says he was disgusted by what he saw in the surveillance video for a couple reasons. s pointing a gun at two women in the store who were there alone, the second because -- >> he was wearing batman. i mean, if he was wearing right. summer: but he had a gun. themselves. girl is ok. dressed as bat man? >> he is not batman, he' s bat bazzaro. you know who that is? he' s the opposite of batman. he does the bad things. bat bazzarro, that' s what we should call him. bat bazarro. summer: his words, "bat bazzarro." >> i would tell him to turn himself in and get help and stop this before you hurt somebody, -- summer: and 90 minutes after this robbery, about five miles down the road, police say a man matching the same description also robbed this dollar general at gunpoint.
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surveillance video of the robbery here, but believe it' s the same person. anyone with information is asked to call crimeline immediately. summer knowles, wesh 2 news. meredith: new tonight, real estate mogul donald trump is no longer just in the running to become president of the united states. he has also reportedly been nominated for a nobel peace prize. according to a french news agency and cnn, someone nominated trump for his strong ideology and commitment to take out isis. other projected nominees include greek island groups welcoming syrian refugees as well as national security agency leaker edward snowden. the winner of the 2016 nobel peace prize will be announced in october. jim: we have new video tonight of a fire that destroyed a mobile home in deland, and it' s all from the camera on a firefighter' s helmet. you just saw the minor explosion that occured when firefighters
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the home on dover lane. this happened yesterday morning. three people were able to get out, but their pet dog didn' t make it. the state fire marshall says the fire is not believed to be suspicious. they think there might have been an electrical problem. meredith: caught on camera, a small plane lands on its belly at the merritt island airport earlier today. take a look at this emergency landing. brevard county fire officials say there was a malfunction with the landing gear. there were two people on board, including a test pilot. he tells us they landed on the grass and slid up onto the runway. >> trying to minimize collateral damage. you know we knew we were gonna , be fine, but to make sure not to knock runway lights down or hit parked airplanes. meredith: no one was hurt, and the pilot said that everyone involved worked together. jim: another warm one across central florida. a little on the breezy side, but there are winds of change blowing. tony: we are going to start off warm tonight. you will see rain move in and a
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look at the gorgeous sunset from lee in melbourne. i do appreciate that. the current conditions over the city beautiful, we have clear skies, a balmy 70 degrees, almost 20 past 11:00. normal low is usually low 50' s. tonight we are mid to upper 60' s. a far cry from where we should be. this is a game changer. this front will move from northwest to southeast during the afternoon. rain will be approaching after sunup. the commute, the only place you have to watch is the interstate. look at temperatures ahead of the front. 11:30, still running 70 to 75 areawide. for the commute, patchy fog, temperatures around 67. lingering fog through 7:00.
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overnight lows a good 15 degrees above normal. here' s 3:30 in the morning. you can see rain approaching by i-75 near sumter county. we forge ahead to 10:00, showers and storms moving onshore. we are getting heating by lunchtime up and down i-4 and i-95. that will add fuel to the fire. you have storms at 3:00, 5:00 up and down i-4, the turnpike, lake and sumter county. 5:00, up and down i-95 it will be wet with moderate to heavy rain. things will wind down after sunset. trying air will kick in after midnight. just after the rainfall totals for the heaviest amounts to be up north and lighter amounts to be downtown. any shift in the swath of those heavier thunderstorms could mean
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miles with the access -- axis being farther north. daytona beach,, "' s i think the heaviest rain will fall there tomorrow. early afternoon highs , much warmer up north and down south even warmer. friday, what is over -- rain is over. here comes the next weather maker saturday evening onto the early morning hours of sunday, clearing out sunday afternoon. let' s look at some events, the alice five launch. the end concern is the clouds. about 40% go. super bowl parties in orlando, 59 pregame. 60'
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another shot of rain on saturday nights, first half of sunday morning. by monday through wednesday it is all good. cool by night and pleasant by day. >> ugly, he was huge. but he is ugly. they are very ugly. meredith: this woman is talking about a crocodile. take a look at the reptile spotted right next to a condo complex playground in cape coral. fwc checked it out and said it' s already tagged for tracking, and since it wasn' t bothering anyone, they left it alone. a big fellow. jim: he needs to clean up on his own. meredith: the orlando magic try to finish a two game road trip on a high note. jim: and a huge day for talented student athletes from all over the country. coming up next pat clarke reviews this year' s national letter of intent signing day from a central florida perspective, and tells us why ucf new football coach has a very good reason to smile
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jim: this figured to be a tough, two-game road trip for the magic. orlando was humbled by the spurs monday evening. tonight, they take their chances against kevin durant, russell westbrook, and the thunder, who have won four straight and nine
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victor oladipo would have a huge night for the 21-25, magic going for 37 points and 7 rebounds. this one back and forth all the way to the final buzzer. that is russell westbrook makes driving layup that ties it at 114 apiece. serge ibaka then blocks oladipo' s layup attempt that would have put the magic back ahead. dion waiters defensive rebound. clock winding down, that is kevin durant shakes and bakes, puts it up from 27 feet. the three-pointer goes down, and that' s your ballgame. doesn' t get any easier for the magic. they return home friday night to take on the 32-16 l.a. clippers. game tips at 7:00 p.m. at the amway. it' s one of the most important signatures of their lives, made on one of the biggest days of their lives. each year, national letter of intent signing day paves a new trail for talented prep athletes all over the country. wesh 2' s pat clarke tells us it was big day here in central florida as well. [applause]
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of full of comp and circumstance and haps and props. national signing day is important. putting ink to paper and with one signature, changing their life path. nine players signed letters of intent, quarterback. >> it is something i have to do to better myself. i love west orange, but i will love auburn too. pat: no less than 17 at bishop moore, football and volleyball all represented. a coveted line men, coveted by 70 programs. >> notre dame felt like home when i stepped on campus. great people, small town, great education. it really prepared me for life
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pat: carlos becker chose seminoles over our ohio state. big for florida, 25 strong with early signees. >> we have good talents, and it will be fun to watch them. the majority are here already. we will get a good feel for that this spring. pat: scott frost at ucf, playing catch-up after the late higher -- hire, consider the number two class in the american conference with the real work yet to begin. >> we recruited a lot of potential in this class. i am thrilled with it. i think the sky is the limit for what some of these guys can accomplish. it is up to them to hit the ground and make sure it happens. pat: pat clarke, wesh 2 sports. jim: florida beats arkansas 87-83 for its fifth win in the
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jim: finally tonight, women aren' t the only ones who need plastic role models. after mattel' s release of barbies with different body types last week, twitter users are asking for a matching makeover for ken. and this is what they' ve come up with. meredith: a u.k.-based e-commerce website called lyst took the twitter suggestions and
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bod a bearded hipster, and a , balding ken. last thursday, mattell released a line of dolls with more realistic barbie body types to reflect the diverse group of kids who play with barbies. jim: the bearded can is a little creepy. i like the beer belly, that is realistic. tony: i saw that. how about that? let' s look at the weather forecast. some areas of fog, 66 by the afternoon. 81 with some showers and storms in case you missed that seven-day forecast. a lot of ups and downs. if you have super bowl parties on sunday, any rain will be early in the morning. the afternoon is windy and colder. jim: that is a report. you can get wesh 2 news whenever you want at or the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: thank you for watching. we hope you join us again tomorrow night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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